1) Why GetOpt Library?

GetOpt library helps you to parse options and arguments in command lines. Though this work may be tedious, with this library it is easy. GetOpt Library links the options and parameters specifiying the command line with the variables defined in your code. GetOpt is implemented in most popular languages.

2) Why GetOpt Generator?

GetOpt Generator helps you to specify your project options. This web application generates a code scheme to parse your options using the GetOpt Library. Also you can obtain the help function. This information will be displayed using -h or --help options. This help contains information about how to run your project.

3) What languages are supported?

Currently, GetOptGenerator support the following languages:

  • C
  • Bash

4) How can you contribute?

You can contribute via GitHub . There, you can open issues about new functionalies, bugs or other questions. Also, you can improve the GetOpt Generator source code and send it via pull request.

5) How can you add support to other language?

The key is in the generator folder. You have to modify the Generator class in order to add your language to the languages array. Then, you have to create the LanguageGenerator class extending the Generator class, implementing the abstract methods. You can find examples in other generator classes. Finally, if you have any doubt, share your questions via GitHub. Good coding! ;)

6) How can you contact with me?

You can contact with me via GitHub , twitter ( ) or email ( ).